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Academic Policies

Students at the School of Continuing Studies need to be familiar with McGill academic policies. Below you will find information and links to pages dealing with important academic policies at the School.

Academic Integrity

The University Policies and Regulations includes important information on academic integrity that every McGill student is required to read.

Academic Standing

For information regarding academic standing and grades, please see Academic Standing.

Auditing Courses

Auditing of courses is not permitted at McGill University. Only those students who are registered for a course are permitted to attend and participate in that course.

Language Policy

For information on the language policy at the School, including English proficiency requirements, please see Language Policy.

Mathematics and Statistics Requirements

For information on exemptions, please see the Mathematics Requirements.

Time Limits

All programs must be completed within a certain amount of time, counted from the date of initial registration:

Type of Program

Program must be completed in

Certificate (10 courses)

4 years

Diploma (10 courses)

4 years

Graduate Certificate (5 courses)

2 years

Time limits will be adjusted accordingly for programs that require more than the typical number of courses, for students who are granted advanced standing, and for students who transfer from one program to another.

Requesting an extension

Students exceeding the time limit for completing a program may request an extension in writing, which may be granted under special circumstances with the approval of the Program Director. Where appropriate, a revised program of study may be recommended.

Suspending your studies

Students are not obliged to take courses every semester. Students can decide to suspend their studies for up to two consecutive semesters.
Students who do not register for any course in their program for a period of one year (i.e., three semesters) are required to re-apply to their program and must meet any new program requirements.

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