COVID-19 SCS Student FAQ

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I am graduating in the spring 2020 semester. Will I be able to attend Convocation?

The Principal has announced that Spring 2020 graduates will be honoured during not one, but two, Convocation ceremonies! The first will be a virtual ceremony for graduates and their families and friends across the globe. Graduating students will receive notification from McGill and SCS about the virtual ceremony. The second event will be an in-person Spring 2020 ceremony in Spring 2021, provided that recommendations from government public health authorities allow us to gather together safely at that time. For more information, please see Convocation FAQ’s.


What are McGill’s plans for program delivery in fall 2020?

McGill programs and courses scheduled for the fall 2020 term will start as scheduled and will primarily be delivered remotely. As public health measures lift, the University will examine the possibility of offering some on-campus activities. McGill recognizes that not all students will be able to be present in Montreal, so any on-campus activities will be also replicated and complemented virtually so as to provide equal access to students regardless of their location.



I was just admitted to McGill – can I apply for my CAQ and Study Permit now?

Yes, we encourage you to apply now for your CAQ and your study permit, and get the process started.



What if I can’t get my immigration documents in time as a result of delays. Can I start my courses remotely from my home country?

The government is providing increased flexibility for international students in light of the global pandemic. You may be able to study remotely without having your immigration documents in hand. Plan to join classes from the very beginning of the term.
For more information, please refer to the International Students FAQs and the International Students COVID-19 Resources.



My courses will all be delivered remotely in the fall. Can I start my studies from my home country without having my study permit in hand?

Yes, you may begin your fall courses online while waiting for your CAQ and Study Permit. However, you should be aware that studying without a valid Study Permit may affect your eligibility for a Post-Graduation Work Permit. Please refer to the International Students FAQs.



Can I enter the School of Continuing Studies building or meet with someone in SCS Client Services?

Like the rest of McGill, the School of Continuing Studies building will remain closed until further notice. There is no walk-in service at Client Services. Staff continue to work remotely and to ensure that essential services are maintained via e-mails, telephone, and online services. This includes assisting students with course registration for the fall term. Please visit our Contact Us page for more information.



How do I get my Student ID Card? I need it for my exams.

No ID cards will be issued until further notice. Please check your McGill email regularly for further information/instructions regarding your courses and exams.



I am not keen on taking a course remotely, so I prefer to wait until the University re-opens. What are my options?

Due to the uncertainty of the current situation, we do not yet know, nor can we predict, when the University will resume in-person classes. Please consult our website and/or University communications for more information.



I am not set-up at home to take a course remotely. Can the University assist me with this?

We are currently reviewing options to assist students unable to participate in courses remotely. If you do not have a computer, a mobile device such as a tablet, and/or access to the Internet, please contact Client Services at info.conted [at] so that we may add you to a list of special cases to be reviewed by the University.



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am no longer able to attend the course even if it is taught remotely. Can I withdraw from the course?

Students are required to withdraw from courses by specific deadlines, as specified in the “Important Dates Supplement” pertaining to their term. Please note that there will be no reimbursements for courses that have already started and for which withdrawal dates have passed, except in very rare, exceptional circumstances. Individuals impacted by such exceptional circumstances will be contacted by the School.



I was admitted for the fall term. If I cannot start my course during that time, what happens?

Students with Canadian citizenship or Permanent Resident status who have been admitted into an SCS credit program have three (3) consecutive terms in which to activate their admission (register for courses). This being so, if you were admitted for the spring/summer 2020 term, your admission stays open for three (3) consecutive terms.



Can I still apply for admission to SCS programs?

The admissions process continues at this time and the application deadlines for the fall 2020 semester for Canadians and Permanent Residents have been extended to July 1st. Applicants can continue to apply online to SCS credit and non-credit programs, including Professional Development Certificate programs. Please consult the Areas of Study page for further details.



I applied to a credit program offered by the School for the Fall 2020 term. What happens if I cannot submit official documents on time because my institution is closed?

If you have been Admitted with Condition (also referred to as a “Conditional Admission”), you should contact your former educational institution and request official documents (transcripts and proof of graduation) as soon as it is possible. Contact us at admissions.conted [at] if you are still having difficulties reaching your institution in the month of August.



Can I register for the fall 2020 session

Course registration for the fall term is now open in Minerva, McGill’s online student information and registration system for credit courses.

See the full list of SCS fall term courses on the Areas of Study page. If you are interested in applying to an SCS credit program, you may do so online.

You can also apply online for a non-credit Professional Development Certificate program.

Once you have reviewed the programs that interest you, you can contact Client Services at info.conted [at] or 514-398-6200 should you require further information.



I plan to take remote courses in the fall. How can I prepare for these courses before the start of the semester?

We strongly recommend that you review some remote learning resources for using Zoom on the School’s Student Resources page.



I have registered for a fall 2020 course. When can I access my remote course?

The course instructor or academic unit will contact students via their McGill email address with information as to when they may access the course. Don’t forget to activate your McGill email upon registration, if you have not already done so, as this is the official communication tool for all McGill students.



How do I contact tech support if I have issues with remote/online classes?

If you need technical support to connect to your course remotely, contact:


McGill Information Technology Helpdesk 

  • Weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. (Canada, Eastern Standard Time)
  • Phone: 514-398-3398 
  • Email: itsupport [at]
  • Web: IT Knowledge Base 



I am currently participating in the Integrated Internship Pilot at SCS as part of my course/program. What happens to my final course grade if I am unable to complete my Internship?

You will need to discuss this with your instructor. We recommend that you send an e-mail to your instructor once the class suspension period is over.



I am receiving the Integrated Internship Award funding payments, if my internship stops, how does it affect my payments? 

If your internship stops, you will need to contact us. If we are informed by your employer that your internship can no longer continue, we will communicate with each Internship student accordingly. Please email internships.scs [at] for any queries regarding payments.



I already began my Internship. However, the office of the host organization wants to extend the closure period. Can the Internship period be extended until the host organization is operational again? Can I resume my Internship at a later date?

This will depend on decisions made by the host organization. Some students may be able to resume their Internships at a later date if their host organization is in a position to allow them to do so. If your host organization is closed, and you need to modify your Internship dates, please email internships.scs [at] as soon as possible.


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