Instructor Resources for Remote Teaching

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Courses at the School of Continuing Studies (SCS) will be offered remotely until restrictions caused by COVID-19 are lifted. Courses that were designed to be delivered fully online will continue to be delivered in that mode.


SCS Instructor Services and Educational Technologies (ISET) has developed a number of specific resources to help with the transition from the classroom to the virtual environment.


All McGill instructors teaching remotely will be provided with a licensed Zoom account to be able to host live remote classes.


Reference Guides and Documents

McGill University and McGill School of Continuing Studies Guidelines for Remote Teaching


SCS Guide to Reporting Alleged Violations of Academic Integrity


SCS Guidelines for MID-TERM and FINAL EXAMS/ASSESSMENTS for Spring/Summer and Fall 2020 Semesters


Instructions for Final Assessments

Step 1: Learn the Basics About Remote Teaching

This two-hour self-directed tutorial Zoom and myCourses Essentials provides instructions on the procedures required to run a virtual live session and how to use myCourses as a complement to your classes and for the assessment of learning.


Access the tutorials: 


Note: SCS instructors with a teaching assignment are automatically enrolled in the tutorial. If you are unable to access the workshop, please contact our technical support consultants (contact information under “Support” below).

Step 2: Let’s Talk About Remote Teaching

Two options are available:   live information sessions and a discussion forum.


Live Information Sessions


Join a live session where you can experience the Zoom environment, ask questions about live virtual classes and myCourses, and discuss best practices when teaching remotely with ISET and/or fellow-instructors. These one-hour Q&A sessions are available throughout the spring/summer term (Monday or Thursday 12:00-1:00 pm). Please refer to this calendar for topic details and dates.



Date Topic
April 26 Zoom Basics
May 6 Zoom Basics
May 13 Debriefing the first virtual class
May 17 myCourses Basics
May 27 myCourses Basics
June 7 Drop-in Q&A
June 17 Drop-in Q&A
June 21 Drop-in Q&A
July 8 Drop-in Q&A
July 12 Designing and configuring exams in myCourses
July 22 Designing and configuring exams in myCourses
August 5 Drop-in Q&A
August 16 Grading exams and submitting grades
Discussion Forum

The SCS Discussion Forum is a space where instructors can connect with colleagues in their community of practice to ask questions, discuss strategies, and exchange tips and tricks on remote teaching.

Guidelines for Assessment of Learning

Remote teaching presents specific challenges when it comes to assessing student learning. Make sure you consult the SCS Guidelines for MID-TERM and FINAL EXAMS/ASSESSMENTS for Spring/Summer and Fall 2020 Semesters and Instructions for Final Assessments before planning your evaluations.


Please also consult this TLS webpage for University-level guidelines and policies for assessment of learning in the remote context.

Getting Support

Speak to an Educational Technology Specialist

For advice on course design, assessment strategies, or specific Zoom and myCourses questions, you may book a 30-minute one-on-one consultation with a member of the SCS Educational Technology team.

Technical Support

For technical questions related to Zoom, myCourses, equipment setup, etc., contact:


McGill Information Technology Helpdesk

  • Weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Phone: 514-398-3398
  • Email: itsupport [at]
  • Web: IT Knowledge Base


SCS Technical Support Consultants (ISET)

  • Weekdays 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. & Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Canada, EST)
  • Phone: 1-514-398-2216
  • Email: techsupport.scs [at]


Administrative and Academic Support

For all academic and administrative issues related to teaching (logistics, course manual, exam management), contact Instructor Services. For all other questions, contact your academic unit administrator or Director. Contact information for administrative coordinators can be found in this list.

Additional Resources

Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) Resources

McGill Teaching and Learning Services also offers a wide range of webinars, resources, and support services for remote delivery.


Instructions for Students

There is a dedicated SCS resource webpage for students. TLS also has a dedicated webpage for students. Consult these pages to learn what information is available to your students.


Recommended Equipment

This document provides suggestions for recommended equipment for teaching live virtual classes.

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