Hoda Mottaghi

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Degree and Certifications

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, master's degree in E-commerce

Academic Unit

Career and Professional Development


Hoda Mottaghi is a senior e-commerce consultant with expertise in digital advertising, data analysis and optimization. She has nearly 10 years of business experience in the field of interactive marketing. Hoda is currently working as an e-business consultant at Desjardins where she is responsible for the optimization and analysis of traffic to their online banking website, one the most visited websites in Quebec. She is highly involved in optimization projects, user experience initiatives, monitoring, and analysis of the results of different online campaigns and marketing efforts.

She holds a Bachelor¹s degree in Computer Science from University of Pierre and Marie Currie (Paris 6) and a Master's Degree in E-commerce from HEC Montreal. She has lived in Canada since 2006 and previously resided in France, Switzerland, Malaysia and Iran. She is fluent in English, French and Persian.