Spanish in the spotlight at McGill’s spring convocation

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Spanish in the spotlight at McGill’s spring convocation

The McGill convocation is a signal opportunity to highlight exceptional students and their unique accomplishments. Such was the case of the only three translation students to appear on the Dean’s Honor List at the School of Continuing Studies 2016 spring convocation. All three graduated from the various Spanish options in the Certificate in Translation Program. They are Pedro Carbajal Alvarado (French/English to Spanish option), Jules Lapprand (Spanish to English option) and Isabelle Therriault (French/English to Spanish option).  All three are trilingual.

Originally from Uruguay, Mr. Carbajal earned an undergraduate degree from l’Université Laval, where he majored in theatre and writing. Having extensive experience as a communication specialist in both Argentina and Canada, Carbajal has worked as a literary translator and screenwriter. His most recent literary translation is that of Alix Renaud’s 2011 novel, La femme avant Ève, which he translated into Spanish.

A native of British Columbia, Mr. Lapprand completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at McGill University, where he majored in Hispanic Studies and minored in International Development. His interest in Spanish language and culture in addition to his knowledge of international affairs have allowed him to become involved in a number of development projects including a World Vision Canada campaign, a construction project in the Peruvian Amazon and teaching in Columbia.

Isabelle Therriault is a native Montrealer who, after earning her Bachelor of Arts degree at McGill University, where she majored in Hispanic Studies with a minor in Italian, went on to do a Master of Arts degree in Hispanic Studies at Queen’s University. Then she added to her credentials a Ph. D. in Hispanic Literatures and Cultures which she received from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2010. From 1991-2003, Therriault gained a significant amount of international experience in the Canadian Forces and at the United Nations.

These three graduates will become significant assets to the Canadian language industry as both Canada and Québec continue to develop cultural and economic relations with Spanish-speaking countries and Spanish-speaking cultural communities within the country.

The various Spanish options in McGill’s Certificate in Translation Program serve to reinforce the capacity of key players in the translation services industry to meet the needs of clients wishing to extend their reach into Spanish-language markets at home and abroad.