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The Dean's Corner: Gender Equity, Equality, and Mainstreaming in Continuing Education

8 Nov 2021

This time of year can be challenging for many. Days become shorter, temperatures drop, and, for adult learners, this can be an especially stressful time in maintaining work-life balance and...

The Dean’s Corner: Finding Your Sense of Belonging in a Post-COVID World

2 Sep 2021

The Oxford Dictionary defines the term “belonging” as “the feeling of being comfortable and happy in a particular situation or with a particular group of people.” Lately, I have been thinking a lot...

The Dean's Corner: Spring, EDI and Building Healthier Communities

7 Apr 2021

Joyeux printemps! Happy Spring! This is the season of nature’s rebirth. You do not need to be a nature lover to appreciate the blooming of spring flowers and longer hours of daylight and sun. And...

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