Undergraduate and Graduate Programs

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Undergraduate Certificates

A certificate is a 30-credit first-cycle program, governed by the teaching faculty.

Certificate in Accounting and Finance

Certificate in Applied Cybersecurity

Certificate in Applied Marketing

Certificate in Computers and Information Technology

Certificate in Entrepreneurship

Certificate in First Nations and Inuit Educational Leadership

Certificate in First Nations and Inuit Student Personnel Services

Certificate in Health and Social Services Management

Certificate in Human Resources Management

Certificate in Inclusive Education

Certificate in Indigenous Business Management

Certificate in Indigenous Language and Literacy Education

Certificate in Management

Certificate in Middle School Education in Indigenous Communities

Certificate in Public Relations and Communication Management

Certificate in Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Certificate in Public Administration and Governance

Certificate in Translation: English to French Option

Certificate of Proficiency in Bilingual Professional Communication

Certificate of Proficiency in English for Professional Communication

Certificate of Proficiency in French for Professional Communication

Undergraduate Diplomas

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Diplomas

A diploma is a 30-credit graduate program which has, as a prerequisite for admission, an undergraduate degree (or its equivalent) in any discipline, and for which faculty approval rests with the teaching faculty.

Diploma Accounting

Diploma Professional Practice in Finance

Diploma Integrated Aviation Management

DiplomaHuman Relations and Family Life Education

Diploma Entrepreneurship

Diploma Health and Social Services Management

Diploma Human Resources Management

Diploma Digital Analytics and Business Intelligence

Diploma Management: General

Diploma Management: International Business Concentration

Diploma Applied Marketing

Diploma Public Relations and Communications Management

Diploma in Public Administration and Governance

Diploma Supply Chain and Operations Management

Graduate Diploma in Legal Translation

Graduate Diploma Leadership

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