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Our History

In 1968, McGill launched the Centre of Continuing Education – the predecessor to what is today the School of Continuing Studies. The Centre was intended for the community at large and developed with the community’s needs in mind.

But the roots of continuing studies at McGill go back much further. In the early 1800s, Professors Alexander Skakel and A.F. Holmes of McGill College began offering experimental lectures in chemistry at Skakel’s home. A McGill prospectus from 1853 refers to young men in business being permitted to “attend the College sessions as their other engagements will allow and thus complete a University course and be entitled to rank with its other graduates.” In 1899, McGill first introduced summer school for regular McGill daytime students, providing off-session regular program classes administered by the University’s Extension program.

As the demand for continuing education grew, extension, extra-mural, and adult education courses became more readily available.  

Today SCS has over 12,500 students in fields such as accounting, entrepreneurship, health and social work, marketing, public relations, information technology, language study, translation and more.

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