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Welcome to The School of Continuing Studies’ PACE Program. This program is a forum for exploring topics of interest for personal enrichment, to assist in life transitions or to gain practical skills to apply to your daily life.

PACE workshops, lectures and sessions are exceptional learning opportunities and emphasize an interactive format. PACE facilitators are drawn from an extensive pool of academic, artistic, and professional talent who bring their respective expertise to an informal learning environment. Many of these sessions are available either as individual modules or with a discount as part of a series. The programming for PACE is rooted in three main themes:

  1. Arts & Culture
    This programming stream will be appealing to both newcomers to, and veterans of, the world of arts and culture. These sessions will help you discover or renew your commitment to the arts and culture through such themes as the discovery and beauty of theatre, the primordial significance of music in our lives and the social impact of great novels in history. These workshops are held in collaboration with established artists as well as with recognized cultural centers of importance.
  2. Social Issues & Community Engagement
    This programming stream invites you to engage in a critical understanding of the world we live in. Sessions demystify social issues and bring forward new lenses with which to envision social participation.
  3. Life Transitions
    The life transitions programming stream considers the life-transforming challenges we are all likely to experience. Benchmarks such as planning retirement, or dealing with the death of a loved one, are not only intense and difficult occurrences to live through; they are also commonalties in the human experience . The sessions in this stream propose ways to make sense of these experiential shifts and allow for a deeper sense of purpose in navigating the trials of our lives.

McGill Community for Lifelong Learning
The McGill Community for Lifelong Learning offers sessions that complement PACE’s participatory learning approach. MCLL programs are for people of retirement age who want to continue learning for the joy of it, and share their knowledge, ideas and experience with others. The emphasis is placed on "peer learning" through participation in self-directed study groups of 10 to 22 members. Active participation rather than passive listening is encouraged.

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All events are open to the general public.