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Language and Intercultural Communication

Whether you are a professional seeking to expand your language skills, a Montrealer interested in improving your English or French proficiency, or an international student looking for an intensive language program in a vibrant bilingual city, Language and Intercultural Communication programs offer high-quality English and French language instruction to meet your needs.

Our part-time and intensive programs help students achieve competence in both oral and written English or French and lead to the McGill Certificate of Proficiency. Using innovative and effective teaching methods that incorporate the latest technology, our dynamic teaching team helps students improve their English or French as quickly and efficiently as possible, opening doors to new professional, academic and cultural opportunities in Quebec and beyond.

We have been expanding our language programs, now even beyond the McGill campus. For students who want to hone their language skills through distance learning, we have begun to offer some of our courses online. We have also developed an expertise in customized language training for companies, organizations and other institutions, and provide training for professional development both locally and internationally. 

Why Study English or French at the School of Continuing Studies?

Advance your career opportunities with better second-language communication skills. Boost your credentials with a McGill Certificate of Proficiency. Achieve your goals of studying, working and living in English or French – whatever you have in mind, Language and Intercultural Communication programs at the School of Continuing Studies are the right choice.

You will receive university-level language instruction of the highest standard. Our experienced instructors use innovative teaching approaches and technology to help students achieve fluency, including one-on-one monitoring and support. At the same time, students develop an awareness of the social and cultural contexts of the language they are studying.

We use a dynamic, student-centred approach that will help you improve your English or French, opening the door to economic and cultural opportunities. Our programs are more than a series of courses. They are a gateway to success in your professional, academic or personal life. Come and join the McGill experience!

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