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Career and Professional Development

In a world of rapid change, innovation and globalization, Career and Professional Development (C&PD) has the programs and courses to boost your career. Our instructors are experts and leaders in many disciplines, sharing their hard-won experience in wide-ranging professions and industries such as Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Health Care, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Public Relations, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, and Information Technology. C&PD offers innovative programs and courses that focus on real-life issues, applications and skills. Whether you take just one course or complete a certificate or diploma, studies at C&PD will enrich you both personally and professionally. C&PD also offers customized training for clients, with workshops and targeted training solutions provided on site at your company.

Why Study at Career and Professional Development?

Whether you want to acquire new job-related skills, boost your credentials with a career-advancing certificate or diploma, or even start down a brand new career path, C&PD is the right place to do it. We have highly qualified instructors, innovative courses and programs, and the real-life professional focus that can expand your current skill set or get you to the next stage in your career.

At C&PD, you will study with business leaders and experts at the top of their professions. They bring real-world experience, pertinent case studies, the latest technologies and industry best practices to our interactive and collaborative learning environments. Our committed instructors and motivated students will help accelerate your own learning and make a real difference in your career.

Since balancing work and family responsibilities is always a challenge, we have tailored our programs and courses to your demanding schedule. Courses and workshops are offered in the evening and on the weekend, depending on what you choose.

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