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24 January 2012



Safety and Security on Campus

Classrooms as Safe Spaces

Professor Nathan Smith (also, Residence Hall Director)
Professor Lisa Spanierman
Sarah Malik, SEDE Race and Cultrual Diversity Advisor

Community Engagement/Free Expression & Peaceful Assembly on Campus Christopher Manfredi (Dean of Arts)
Free Speech on Campus Professor Anthony C. Masi, Provost
Marieve Isabel, PGSS VP External and Governmental Affairs
Mood on Campus Professor Morton J. Mendelson, Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning)
Orientation, Welcoming and Safe Environment Ian Simmie Manager, Student Leadership, Office of the Executive Director, Services for Students
Todd Plummer, SSMU VP External
Leslie Copeland, First-Year Coordinator
Personal Safety Jana Luker, Executive Director, Services for Students
Manon McGuigan (from Walksafe)
Proactive vs. Reactive Consultation Methods Professor Paul Wiseman, Chair, Workgroup on Consultation and Communication
Robyn Wiltshire, Director, Office of the Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning)
Safety and Security on Campus Professor Jim Nicell, Associate Vice-Principal, University Services
Louise Savard, Director, University Safety
Student Rights and Responsibilities Professor Jane Everett, Dean of Students
Matt Crawford (SSMU Senator)
Roland Nassim (PGSS President)


McGill Consultation Fairs are hosted by the Office of the Deputy Provost, the SSMU, PGSS, MCSS and Maces