Restoration of Roddick Gates

Start: November 2016

End: Completed

A gift from Lady Amy Redpath Roddick in memory of her late husband, Sir Thomas George Roddick, Dean of Medicine from 1901 to 1908, the iconic monument at the main entrance of McGill’s downtown campus is almost a century old.

It consists of approximately 250 grey Indiana limestone blocks atop a base of 35 Deschambault limestone units. The stones will be cleaned and the mortar joints redone. The stones that are fractured will be replaced. The structural supports of one of the main columns will also be replaced, the concrete fences along Sherbrooke Street will be cut back so they no longer rest against the gates, and the ironwork will be restored. 

Underground pipes on a small portion of the main road (inside the Gates) will be replaced. Once that work is completed, the space around the Gates will be redesigned: paving stones, benches, and lights will be installed.

For more information on this project, read this article published in the McGill Reporter.

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