Macdonald Engineering Building

Start of project: April 2017

End of project: Completed

The Macdonald Engineering Building comprises three wings: Macdonald, Workman and Electrical. This project aims to restore and preserve the exterior envelope of the building, damaged over the decades by water infiltration. It includes the replacement or repair of the stones, the replacement of mortar joints, the partial reconstruction of the brick walls (under the stone façade) and of the gables. The decaying roofs on the Workman and Electrical wings will also be replaced and downspouts added to the roof of the Macdonald wing (replaced in 2013).

The Macdonald wing gable walls (north and south) and the Workman wing walls will be restored in 2017, while those of the remainder of the Macdonald wing and of the Electrical wing will be restored in 2018-2019. 

For more information on this project, read this article published in the McGill Reporter.

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