Leacock Terrace (west and south)

Start: May 2019

End: Completed

Rendering of the Leacock multipurpose exterior amphitheater which is on a slight hill with a green lawn with several incorporate benches.The concrete structures to the south and the west of the Leacock Building have deteriorated over time due in part to water infiltration and insufficient drainage capacity. They will be demolished, rebuilt and redesigned. Given their prime location, next to the newly redesigned McTavish St., the University will take this opportunity to transform this well-travelled link between the upper and lower portions of the downtown campus into a welcoming and multipurpose exterior amphitheatre.

The project also includes structural upgrades to the Leacock Building, such as the replacement of its exterior glass walls (“curtain walls”), other repairs to the façades and the waterproofing of the underground structure. 

For more details, see this excerpt from the presentation made on Feb. 25, 2019.

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