Leacock Terrace (east)

Start: November 2016

End: Completed

The Leacock Terrace is the walkway/roadway between the east side of the Leacock Building and the west side of the Redpath Museum. The main objective of this project is to address water drainage issues, which have led to a progressive deterioration of the terrace over the years, affecting its bearing capacity and causing water infiltration below, into the basement of the Leacock Building. The waterproofing membrane will be replaced and major repairs will be conducted to reconsolidate and replace parts of the concrete structure, slabs, beams and columns supporting the terrace.

The University will take this opportunity to also replace one of the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems in the Leacock Building. Finally, the exterior space will be redesigned, with improved lighting and the integration of seating areas.

Also as part of this project, a new foundation membrane will be installed on the north side of the Redpath Museum and the building’s stone foundations will undergo some repairs. One of the western side entrances of the Arts Building will also be rebuilt.

For more information, read this article published in the McGill Reporter.

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