Rehabilitation of McTavish pumping station continues

McTavish Reservoir construction site

August 24, 2022

Work is well underway at the McTavish pumping station, just off the McGill University downtown campus. Built between 1928 and 1949, this strategic City of Montreal facility supplies drinking water to more than 1.25 million people. The work is aimed at modernizing all of its equipment, while respecting the heritage character of the building that houses it.

Undertaken in 2020 by the City of Montreal, this large-scale project is expected to last nearly 10 years.

Important safety reminder

Be sure to abide by all directives in signage when you are near the work site. This sign indicates the safe routes for pedestrians:

Pedestrian passage pictogram

Do not cross construction fences to go faster: if an area is blocked off, access is prohibited!

Jumping over fence pictogram

Follow the directions given by the flaggers; they are there to ensure your safety.

Impacts on your travel:

  • Doctor-Penfield Avenue is closed to vehicular traffic.
  • Access to buildings preserved at all times for pedestrians, emergency services, garbage and recycling collection, and deliveries to McGill University.
  • Street parking is restricted.
  • Bus stops for lines 107, 144 and 360 have been relocated and routes modified.
  • Noise and vibration levels will be monitored to ensure they don't exceed thresholds.

More information on this project.

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