The McGill Conservatory and the Schulich School of Music of McGill University may photograph and / or film students in any McGill Conservatory related activities. In being part of the McGill Conservatory, students and their families give their permission for this material to be used in total or in part for publicity purposes such as in brochures, magazines, newspapers, on television, etc. This material will remain the property of the McGill Conservatory.  No videotape may be taken during McGill Conservatory activities or concerts without the written consent of the McGill Conservatory.

Students of the McGill Conservatory and their families must adhere to the Conservatory policies and regulations and must honour the posted deadlines and assume payment for all supplemental fees incurred by late registration and / or payment.   It is the responsibility of the students and /or their families to consult the McGill Conservatory Website for the most current information concerning deadlines, payment and registration and all other information concerning the Conservatory posted on the website.

The McGill Conservatory reserves the right to make changes to the published fee schedule. Tuition fees are non-refundable except under special conditions. The Registration Fee is non-refundable.  

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