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After Little Musicians

Students who have recently completed Little Musicians, Orff or Ukulele Group Classes and are interested in continuing with Instrumental Instruction please proceed with the following steps:

1. Submit a Teacher Assignment Form

Students continuing to Instrumental Instruction are assigned a teacher based on the availability, previous musical experience and learning needs they have specified on their Teacher Assignment Form (Online version).

  • Teacher assignments commence on the Start Date indicated in the Teacher Assignment Schedule for each Term. Once assigned, the teacher will contact the new student, within 3 to 5 business days, to establish a weekly lesson time.
  • At this stage the student is not yet registered.
  • Applications submitted less than 5 days before the Registration Deadline for the applicable Term may be subject to the $30.00 Late Registration Fee.
  • In the event a weekly lesson time cannot be established with the assigned teacher, the student must contact and inform the McGill Conservatory as soon as possible.

2. Register

Once a weekly time has been established with the assigned teacher, new students are able to Register for their lessons.


  • When unable to visit our downtown office, remote applications to the McGill Conservatory are accepted by fax or regular mail¬†only.
  • All students must respect the Deadlines and Term Dates at the McGill Conservatory.
  • Incomplete remote applications will not be processed.
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