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What is the Suzuki method?

The Suzuki method was developed in Japan more than 50 years ago by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Based on a philosophy of respect for the child, this method holds that talent is not inherited and that the potential of every child is unlimited. Dr. Suzuki believed that children are capable of developing their musical abilities in the same way they develop their linguistic abilities. While many world class artists have their musical roots in Suzuki, it is not the goal of the Suzuki method to create professional musicians. Dr. Suzuki believed that with the proper environment and education, and through the medium of music, we are creating for our children a better life and, for us all, a better world.

Suzuki Flute


Cello, flute, piano and violin instruction in the Suzuki Method is offered to children, beginning at age 4 or 5 years, depending on the instrument.

The McGill Conservatory Suzuki program offers one individual lesson per week, plus a group lesson which can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending on the instrument.

The cost of group lessons is included in the tuition fees.

Suzuki concerts take place several times throughout the academic year. Suzuki concert dates are published in the annual McGill Conservatory concerts & events flyer.

Suzuki Violin Group

How does the Suzuki method work?

It is important that the child start as young as possible. Either the mother or the father must accept the responsibility of attending lessons. One parent is instructed in the fundamentals of playing and how to care for the instrument so that they can understand the learning process and can be prepared to act as a home teacher. At home the children also listen to recordings of the pieces they will play so that they develop musical sensitivity, motivation and self confidence. The parent should not only create a musical environment for the child, but a total environment of affection, support, encouragement and understanding. It is important to rejoice in all the child's achievements, no matter how small. The Suzuki method books move in small steps and have been carefully structured in an appropriate technical sequence. The method also attempts to develop superior musical sensitivity and performing ability. The children learn naturally at their own rate of development. Music reading is delayed until the child's aural and technical skills are well established, after which it is carefully integrated into the child's curriculum. Every child has individual as well as group lessons.

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