A Message from The Director

In reading my message of a year ago, I am struck by how much has changed for all of us. 2020 has been a global challenge and it has become evident that every small action of individuals matters. Our community has demonstrated a commitment to innovative teaching and learning in spite of social distancing measures. I’m proud of how we have come together in pursuit of the music that sustains us.

While we are still completing lingering elements of the winter, spring and summer terms, the focus is now on our return in September and what we can offer. Although it is far from ideal, we must continue to deliver all courses and classes online. At the very least, this means that you will have the convenience and security of being home for lessons and classes. Even if Schulich is able to provide some lessons in person, the Conservatory will not be able to share these limited and larger spaces, and I fear that will remain the case through May 2021. We have decided not to change any of our fees this year given the circumstances. We hope you’ll consider adding a Music Theory and Ear Training course to your studies this year. In addition, we plan to offer some new shorter courses to supplement private lessons and further develop your understanding of and relationship to the repertoire you study and hear in concerts, and perhaps even develop a new skill. You will be hearing from us as these courses become available!

Registration will soon be active for the 2020 Fall Term and deadlines are fast approaching! Please note that we can no longer take any payments over the phone or in person; all payments must be made online through Minerva or Online Banking. Refer to Important Dates for details.

Wishing you a safe, healthy and relaxing end to the summer. Hoping to reconnect even if only on Zoom in September.

Sara Laimon

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