2021 is a year where so many students were faced with major challenges in order to continue making music. With the support of their resourceful and dedicated teachers, these students were able to overcome the obstacles imposed by the impact of COVID-19. Congratulations to the Teachers (and Institutions) listed below who supported their students in successfully passing their 2021 Examinations. We thank them for continuing to enrich their students’ musical experience with McGill Conservatory Examinations despite this year’s challenges and for being an active member of the McGill Conservatory Examination Network.

  • A

    Allaire, Louise
  • B

    Babich, Dmitry
    Balikian, Lucine
    Bednarz, Frédéric
    Bertrand, Sarah
    Biron, Maurice
    Brady, Linda
  • C

    Claude, Christiane
    Claude, Melina
    Csarnay, Eva

  • D

    Douville, Jennifer

  • G

    Gananian, Azniv

  • H

    Hamalian, Salpi
    Hauser, Cristina-Monica
    Hettema, Ragnhild
    Hong, Yani
    Huettel, Anna

  • K

    Kakabadze, Tinatin
    Knott, Jadwiga

  • L

    Lazarov, Ivana
    Lekhtman, Larissa

  • M

    Manougian, Houry
    Meyvalian, Chaké
    Michaud, Sylvie
    Mutya, Frank

  • O

    Onishchenko Tsiptsis, Irina

  • P

    Pirpiri, Catherina

  • R

    Ratsutsky, Irina

  • S

    Sauro, Gino
    Schneider, Jean-Fabien
    Sciortino, Enzo
    Snider, Genevieve
    Syssoeva, Irina

  • T

    Thys, Marcelo

  • Y

    Yasaka, Kimihiro

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