* Due to unforeseen changes in both administration & building work, we won't be offering camps in 2019* 

Please, keep an eye on our website for more info, we hope to see you again in 2020!

Registration is done through our secure web site only.

Steps to a camp registration

  1. Make camp selection! Still undecided ? Have a look to our programs
  2. Create your account (for first time user only;)
  3. Make your camp registration (print the "Step by step Registration Process" if extra guidance is needed!)
  4. Make your payment
  5. Get excited for camp & have a look to the camper's guide!

Online Registration Steps

Step 1: Account Holder Information

You will need to provide all the requested information, in the requested format. The account holder is the primary contact (Contact 1) and all communications will be addressed to this person/address first.

Step 2: Camper's informations

You will be able to create a new camper or register a camper already linked to your account. Be careful when entering the birthday, you need to enter it as YYYY-MM-DD, as specified in the field. This information will be stored into your account and available if you want to add a registration in the future.

Step 3 : Camp Choice and Additional Information

This is where you will be able to make your camp selection and give us more info about the conditions under which your child is allowed to leave the camp.

Want to register to more than one camp?
If you wish to register to more than one camp, you'll need to do the process from the "home" page over again, but most of the infos will be provided for you! 

Person with whom camper can leave the camp
This section is there for you if you wish to add people like a brother / sister that comes to camp at the same time, or parents of another camper if you are carpooling for example. You'll need to provide 4 contacts to reach in case of emergency and indicate who has permission to come pick up the camper in the section right after. 

Authorization to leave alone
Please note that "Not authorized to leave alone" means that an authorized contact person will need to come in the building to sign out the camper every day.

T-shirt size selection
Our t-shirt are "regular" larger fit shirt . Pay attention to the "t-shirt size" in particular; many parents request an adult-size shirt for their 6 year old ;)

Welcoming information
These informations will only be passed on to the teachers / camp counsellors in charge of the camper! They are really useful to create a great welcoming atmosphere on the first day of camp, and also to orient games & themes selections !

Step 4: Main Contact Information

This is where you will be able to enter the rest of the information for Contact 1 (Account holder) and Contact 2. These 2 people are usually the legal guardians of the camper. Please note that you will also need 2 other contacts in case of emergency. It's also in this section that the request for a tax receipt is made. Make sure to provide accurate information in order to get a tax receipt issued to you!

Step 5: Authorized Chaperones

You will need 2 extra contacts that we can reach in case of emergency. These contacts could be relatives who are authorized to pick up the camper, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, parents of other campers if you are carpooling, etc. Please note these contacts are there to help us reach you, not to take medical decisions for your child. You can also mention here people who SHOULD NOT come pick up the camper, if needed. 

Step 6: Medical Forms

Don't be surprised by the amount of information requested for this step. Since you are leaving your most valuable treasure with us for the day, we want to make sure that we have all necessary information in case of emergency. It's also in this section that you can let us know if your child has special needs, allergies or any behavioural challenges.

Step 7: Options Selection

You will be able to select your camp options (pre-and-after camp supervision*, camp cap,  group photo, downloadable video of the show if available in the selected program...) If you are not ready to do so when you are making your registration, you always will be able to add them later on by contacting the camp office

Please read attentively the "Terms & Conditions", "Refund Conditions", " Picture & Video" information and "Additional Conditions" before agreeing :) 
We only considerate duly "submitted" registrations: in order to complete your registration, you need to click on the "Submit" button !

* This is only offered as "the full package": every morning from 7:30 am to 6 pm. You can also pay as you go during camp if needed, in which case there is no need to select it. If you need more infos regarding this service, visit the Pre-and-After camp supervision section! 

Step 8: Registration confirmation

Print / Screenshot this!  It's your registration confirmation. You will find all of the info about your camp selection for the summer (date, amount due, options selection, confirmation number...)

Step 9: Payment

Online payment by credit card 
​Click on the "Home" button, and on the welcome page of the registration system, click on "Online payment".

You will be able to pay entirely or change the amount that you want to pay, as long as it covers the $50 registration fees. The deadline for payment of the whole fee is May 15th.

Once you are ready to make your payment, click on the gray button that says " Pay using the McGill Online Payment System": you will be redirected to the McGill online payment system.  Don't forget to print your payment confirmation for your own records!

** Please note that tablets & smart phones don't support the online payment system, so better use a computer **

Cheque payment

​A maximum of 3 instalments can be made by cheques, in the name of the McGill Conservatory, with the Registration Confirmation Number & Camper's name in the notes. 

Payment in person (credit or debit)
​You can call us at the office to make a payment (credit only) or take an appointment to come pay in the office by credit or debit card. Please note that we DO NOT accept cash payment. 


You want to...

Modify or Add a camp or option

Only the camp office wizard can modify and / or add a camp or option for you! Contact us by e-mail or phone, we'll make it happen quickly ;)
We accept date change requests as long as we have space in the sessions, free of charge for you!

Need to cancel?
All cancellation requests need to be made be email. Registration fees are non-refundable whatsoever, and refund requests received after May 15th (the payment deadline) will be only be accommodated in exceptional circumstances. For more infos, visit our Terms & Conditions section!

Add a camper to your account

During Step 2 of the online registration process, you'll be able to "Add a new camper" or select one from the list of already existing campers. 

See your registration confirmation

Once your registration is "submitted", your confirmation registration page will be display. We advise you to print or screenshot this for your files.
Here is how you can find this page in the future :
​- Connect to your account
- Select the "submitted" registration that you wish to see the confirmation information and click on the "modify" button on the bottom left 
- Your registration confirmation will be displayed

Solve a problem that you encounter with the registration system

Problems login in?
- Make sure to use an updated version of your browser (we suggest Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari on MAC). If you must use Internet Explorer, make sure that the latest version with all updates is installed!
- Try putting the first letter of the email address in Capital letter. The email address provided upon account creation may have had the first letter capitalized and since the e-mail address is used as your account username, you need to login with the exact format used to create the account 
- You are using the wrong email address (please call us to know what you entered the first time before creating a new account!)
- You can always ask for a new password by clicking on the "forgot password" link , right below the connection box
- Call us! We'll help you!
- Please also note that the payment section of the registration is not supported on tablets & smartphones, so it is better to use an actual computer!

You want to change your password? (ok, maybe you just don't remember it...)
You can always change your password by clicking on the " Forgot password" link, right below the connexion box of the registration system