Broadway Camp

Age: 13 to 17 years old.

Our last productions: A Wicked Camp (2015), The Addams Family (2016), FAME (2017), Wonderland (2018)

This is a great opportunity for teenagers from 13-17 year old to interact and create a group spirit with those who share their interest in musical theatre. Campers will learn a shortened version of a Broadway musical, which is fully staged and performed for awestruck parents and friends at the end of the two weeks!

Musical enthusiasts will be invited to discover more about the world of dance, song and theater through activities that will address the different aspects of these arts. Workshops on different styles of musicals, classical plays and songs, schools, and important dancers, singers and comedians will be discussed with aspiring artists. Exercises of bodily expression, voice, stage presence, diction and interpretation will be the basis of this camp. These activities will be an important asset to refine their talents as natural actors! In addition, our interpreters will also have the opportunity to work individually with the teachers of dance, singing and performance.

All these workshops will help prepare the future dancer-singers-comedians for their performance on the last Friday of the camp! Dear parents and friends, you do not need your passport, we are not really on Broadway, but some are as good as ;)

Do you want to sing loudly, dance to the pain of your feet and interpret a completely crazy character? Camp Broadway is here to satisfy all your wishes! Come on, come dazzle us this summer!

Daily activities include:

  • Choir & vocal exercises
  • Dance & stage choreography
  • Drama & script work

Broadway Camp Show

Presented for parents and friends on the last Friday of the session from 4:30 to 6 p.m.


On the first day of camp, instructors will have you participate in various activities to get a better idea of the level you have reached. Make sure to prepare a dance choreography for a few minutes, as well as an excerpt from a song. Your teachers are eager to see your talents and your level. Do you have to learn a monologue, to show your acting skills? No, do not worry, but be ready to do some improvisation!

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Some clips from a Broadway Camp show: