Radio CKUT camp


Radio CKUT camp


Radio CKUT camp


Radio CKUT camp

Radio CKUT camp

Radio CKUT camp

Camp CKUT Radio

CKUT Radio Camp

Age: 10 to 17 years old. (10-13 / 14-17)

CKUT Radio Camp is your chance to learn hands-on radio, journalism and broadcasting skills! In collaboration with CKUT, McGill University’s community radio station, youth have chance to have a explore a one or two-week intensive program to explore this fascinating form of media! 

How do people make radio? How do you record sound? Where does the music come from? How do you interview a celebrity? 
The camp gives you answers to all these questions and more fun, practical activities are all programmed into this great camp! 

CKUT is McGill’s Campus-Community radio station that is recognized as one of the BEST radio stations in Montreal!

CKUT Radio offers multiple sessions throughout the summer for youth to learn hands-on radio broadcasting and podcasting skills.
Each week of camp features workshops with staff & renowned CKUT DJs, field trips, radio plays, sound walks and each week finishes with a 1-hour live radio broadcast led, hosted and produced by the campers!

All of the camps will have a focus on Music & Journalism within radio (and podcasting).

The 10- 13 years old  groups will get the full radio experience using CKUT's recording equipment and studios, and learning all of the basic radio production skills complete with a live-on-air radio programs hosted by the campers at the end of the week. There will also be an opportunity to learn new skills for those returning campers. Every participant will also have a chance to explore a topic that they're passionate about.  At the end of the each week, the campers will tech and host their own one-hour live CKUT radio broadcast!

We are offering a 2-week advanced radio production camp for teenagers aged 14-17. Campers enrolled will have the opportunity to produce a multi-layered audio piece incorporating music, spoken word and sound clips. Plus, campers will learn how to put together a radio show podcast demo of their own.     

Radio Camp Programming

  •  Meet the hosts of different musical programs at CKUT
  • Learn how to record, edit and produce a one-hour radio show
  • Meet and interview local musicians
  • Participate in the preparation of a one-hour music show
  • Advanced DJ skills
  • Use different social media platforms (the same ones and the pros) to promote their uniquely created sound project
  • Learn how to prepare, record and edit interviews
  • Hear from experienced journalists about how to find and create a good story
  • Practice proper interviewing techniques and skills
  • Participate in the preparation of a one-hour news show
  • Learn podcasting basics

14-17 year old groups: Week 2 Advanced Radio Production

  • Learn how to tell an effective story of your choice using sound clips, music and interviews  
  • Hands-on advanced audio editing skills
  • Put together a radio show proposal and demo of your own
  • Explore various forms of social media and learn how to promote your audio masterpieces

Click here for more information and to listen to last year's broadcasts!

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