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Guided tours, birthday parties, and special sleepover nights are all part of the fun at this educational 11.3-hectare wildlife park. With more than 90 reptile, amphibian, bird and mammal species to discover and learn about, there’s plenty of fun for kids and adults alike at the Ecomuseum.

Lyman Entomological Museum

The Lyman Entomological Museum houses 2.8 million specimens of insects and other arthropods, making it the second largest collection of its kind in Canada.

McCord Museum of Canadian History

With 1,375,000 objects, images and manuscripts under its roof, the McCord Museum brings to life the social and cultural history of Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

Redpath Museum

Housed in the oldest Canadian edifice built as a museum, the Redpath preserves and displays large collections of ancient and modern organisms, minerals, and cultural artifacts from around the world. A robust public program includes documentary films, public lectures, discovery workshops for children and public tours.

Rutherford Museum

Ernest Rutherford's work at McGill earned him the 1908 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and today our Rutherford Museum preserves the custom-made tools he used to revolutionize our understanding of the atom. During his nine years here, Rutherford advanced theories on radioactivity, alpha rays, and radioactive transformation.