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Committee on Environment

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Welcome to the official webpage of the Committee on Environment (formerly known as the Sub-Committee on Environment), working group of the Senate Committee on Physical Development (SCPD).

The Terms of Reference of the Committee on Environment were most recently revised on May 17, 2010; the text below reflects the text therein. Committee on Environment Terms of Reference (May 17, 2010) [.pdf]

Note that policies, procedures and guidelines are reviewed and modified on an ongoing basis. In the event of a discrepancy between the most recently approved version of a document and the version posted on this site, the former shall be the governing document.


a. The Committee on Environment (the "Committee") is created by and responsible to the Senate Committee on Physical Development of McGill University (the "University");
b. The Environmental Officer of the Office of Sustainability shall serve as the Steward to the Committee;
c. Staff of the Office of Sustainability shall serve, as required, as resource persons to the Committee;
d. Meetings shall be held in open session unless the committee resolves to carry out a meeting or part of a meeting in confidential session.


The Committee shall advise the Senate Committee on Physical Development and the Office of Sustainability on matters concerning the sustainability of the University community, including standards and policies. The role of the Committee is to act as a forum for consultation between diverse McGill stakeholders with respective to initiatives carried out under McGill's Environmental Policy. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Committee shall:
a. Periodically review and recommend updates to the Environmental Policy and monitor its implementation and success;
b. Inventory and review relevant University policies, decisions, management practices and other actions to ensure consistency with McGill's Environmental Policy, as may arise pertaining to, for example:

  • procurement policies and practices;
  • energy management (e.g., electricity, water, oil, natural gas) and use of renewable energies, including vehicle fuel use;
  • commuting and transportation;
  • waste reduction and management (i.e., reduce, re-use and recycling programs); and
  • design, operation and maintenance of buildings and grounds.

c. Identify opportunities and key environmental objectives in support of the Environmental Policy;
d. Receive and actively seek suggestions from the University community with respect to environmental initiatives and to refer them for consideration and follow-up to appropriate units, services, groups and committees;
e. Propose new environmental initiatives and identify the resources needed for their implementation;
f. Identify where collaborations or partnerships between different parts of the McGill community could result in significant performance improvement relative to the Environmental Policy and facilitate this cooperation;
g. Create awareness and stimulate discussion throughout the University community on environmental issues at McGill.

Review of Terms of Reference

The Committee shall review its Terms of Reference at least once every three years.