Robyn Tamblyn, MScN, PhD, MSc

Academic title(s): 

Professor, Division of Clinical Epidemiology, Division of Experimental Medicine, Department of Medicine; Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Occupational Health (Director, Division of Clinical Epidemiology)

Robyn Tamblyn, MScN, PhD, MSc
Contact Information

McGill – Morrice Hall
3485 McTavish St,
Montreal, QC H3A 1Y1

Email address: 
robyn.tamblyn [at]
(514) 843-2831
Drug Safety
Health Informatics
Technology Assessment
Current research: 

Dr. Tamblyn conducts research aimed at improving the safety and quality of health care. Her research program includes studies that:

  1. identify modifiable determinants of adverse events and improved health outcomes (e.g. health professional competence, nurse staffing, drugs, timely access to complete patient information, early detection of emerging epidemics), and
  2. developing and evaluating computer-enabled interventions to address these determinants (e.g. computerized decision-support, personal health record portals and self-management tools, automated surveillance systems).

The Canadian Foundation for Innovation, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, and the MUHC Research Institute fund her research. The computerized solutions her research group has developed have won the QUALCOMM quality award for public impact and the Bombardier Award for Innovation.

Selected publications: 
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