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Campus Life & Engagement relies on the energy and enthusiasm of hundreds of student volunteers each year. Volunteer recruitment takes place in the Winter semester for the upcoming orientation and welcome of next year's incoming class.



To see what programs are now accepting applications for volunteers, visit the Engage McGill site.


CL&E Volunteer Opportunities

CSI McGill (Cegep Students Information/Orientation session)

This is an opportunity for students to help with the welcome and logistical work for this information day intended for newly accepted students from Cegep. CSI McGill takes place in early June. In addition to the full-day event, volunteers are also required to attend a 2 hour training/preparation meeting.

Discover McGill - Logistical Team

This is a great opportunity for students to volunteer and help welcome the University’s new students at one of the largest orientation events organized by McGill.  Student volunteers will assist on a variety of tasks, including group formation, orientation package and lunch distribution, University Fair setup, and the overall welcoming process.  Volunteers will need to be flexible and ready to adapt to a variety of tasks that might arise.

Engage McGill - Logistical Team

Engage McGill is the end-of- day event on Discover McGill day and is another excellent opportunity to develop your logistical and organizational skills and contribute to creating a successful orientation event. Volunteers assist in overseeing the delivery and distribution of food, set up and installation of various activities, and various other tasks. It’s a wonderful way to ensure that new students get the welcome they deserve.

ACCE (Ambassadors for Campus and Community Engagement) Team Program

Want to improve your facilitation, leadership, peer-coaching and communication skills? Interested in challenging yourself to lead workshops? Looking to make a meaningful contribution to the McGill community? The Facilitator Leadership Team Program is a great students-helping-students volunteer program, which gives 25 to 30 students an opportunity to build leadership capacities in relation to leading workshops, public speaking, peer-coaching and facilitation. Successful candidates are trained on March 21 and 22, and have the opportunity to lead workshops starting at the end of March.  Deadline to apply:  Monday, March 9th . For more information and to apply, refer to the ACCE Team website.

Orientation Workshop Facilitators

Have you been an Orientation Leader before? Have you attended Group Leader training in August before? If so, an Orientation Workshop Facilitator position could be for you! Orientation Workshop Facilitators are responsible for facilitating workshops for Orientation Leaders and are vital to a safe and succesful Orientation Week. It's important to note that being an Orientation Workshop Facilitator does not prevent you from being an Orientation Leader!

Orientation Centre & Resource Room

Orientation Workshop FacilitatorsAnother great opportunity to have fun, meet people and help out is through the Orientation Centre & Resource Room. Student volunteers greet new students, provide information on McGill and Montreal, help with registration on MINERVA and generally dispense wisdom and comfort to new and returning students. The Centre & Resource Room are open weekdays starting the week before Orientation Week through the end of the Add/Drop Period.

Student Life Ambassador Program

Join this important team of leaders and be a lifeline between McGill University and new students.  As their first "personal" link to the university, this is your unique opportunity to help relieve the anxiety and confusion of being a first-year student, to build excitement for Orientation and the great times ahead.  Student Life Ambassadors correspond with their assigned new student(s) periodically throughout the summer months helping them prepare for their transition to McGill's academic and social life.


Orientation/Frosh Leader or O-Staff

Orientation Leaders are returning McGill students who help guide and acquaint new students to the McGill and Montreal communities before, during, and between organized University-wide and Faculty-wide events throughout Orientation Week (the week immediately preceding Labour Day).
O-Staff are returning McGill students who help to create welcoming and well-organized environments, spaces, and operations for events and participants during Orientation Week (the week immediately preceding Labour Day).


Student Services (& Other) Volunteer Opportunities

Alcohol Education Facilitator

Help facilitate Server Training workshops and positively impact the culture on campus related to alcohol service and consumption.

Career Peer Education Program

Participate in this great program from Career Planning Services (CaPS)! You love people and want to help your peers find the job of their dreams. In return, you will be trained to facilitate informal group workshops on effective work search strategies and assist in the planning and delivery of career forums. Think of the possibilities!

International Students Buddy Program

If you are a returning international student (or even if you're not), this is also a great way to help ease the transition for new students. The International Buddy Program, administered by our International Student Services, assists new international students with their initial adjustment to McGill and Montreal. "Buddy" duties are flexible depending on the needs of the incoming students

McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (Chaplaincy)

Volunteer opportunities at McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life include working directly with seniors through Yellow Door, with children through MSPN, and indirectly through contact with Chaplains and their communities.

McGill Summer Send-Off

The McGill Summer Send-Off is a social event for new students coming to McGill, held in many cities around the world. Most send-offs take place between the last two weeks of July and first two weeks of August so if you like parties, like meeting new students and answering their questions, then let us know you'd like to be involved.





More Opportunities

To find many more volunteering opportunities and even some employment possibilities, please visit the Engage McGill website.