Yixin Shao

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P.Eng., Ph.D.

Yixin Shao
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yixin.shao [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Shao’s expertise is in the area of civil engineering materials and their structural applications. His research is involved with fibre-reinforced cement composites, fibre-reinforced polymer composites, low energy cement, carbon dioxide utilization in concrete, use of industry wastes for sustainable development and environment friendly building products.

Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics

B.S. (Tongji University, 1982)
M.S. (Tongji University, 1984)
Ph.D. (Northwestern University, 1995)

Areas of expertise: 

Civil engineering materials and their structural applications

  • CIVE 205 Statics 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

  • CIVE 207 Solid Mechanics 4 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

  • CIVE 512 Advanced Civil Engrg Materials 3 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

  • CIVE 614 Composites for Construction 4 Credits
      Offered in the:
    • Fall
    • Winter
    • Summer

Awards, honours, and fellowships: 
  • Engineering Class of 44 Award for Outstanding Teaching, Faculty of Engineering, McGill University, 2000.
  • Construction Institute (CI)/ASCE Honorable Mention Basic Research Paper 2003: “Flexural and Shear Rigidity of Composite Sheet Piles”, ASCE Journal for Composites for Construction, 7(4), 348-355, 2003.
  • Foreign Researcher Fellowship, awarded by Japan Ministry of Education, as a visiting professor at Ibaraki University, Japan, 2005.
  • Fellow of American Concrete Institute (ACI), awarded by American Concrete Institute, November 1, 2010.
  • Best presentation award to the paper: "Steel Slag-Bonded Wallboard via Carbonation Activation", presented at 8th Global Slag Conference & Exhibition, 12-13 November 2012 - Las Vegas, USA.
  • "Slag bonded wallboard - Product of the year" award, at 8th Global Slag Conference & Exhibition, 12-13 November 2012 - Las Vegas, USA. (Steel slag bonded wallboard developed at McGill lab is awarded as the Product of the Year by 8th Global slag Conference.)
  • William and Rhea Seath (WRS) Award in Engineering Innovation, “Green, carbon-negative construction materials”, Faculty of Engineering, McGill University, April, 2016.
Selected publications: 


  • Yang, H., He, Z. and Shao, Y. (2015), “Early carbonation behaviour of high volume dolomite powder-cement based materials”, Journal of Wuhan University of Technology, 30(3), 541-549.

  • Mofidi, A., Chaallal, O., Cheng, L., and Shao, Y. (2015). Investigation of Near-Surface Mounted Method for Shear Rehabilitation of Reinforced Concrete T-Beams using CFRP Rods. ASCE Journal of Composites for Construction. 04015048.

  • Ghouleh, Z., Guthrie, R. and Shao, Y. (2015), “High-Strength KOBM Steel Slag Binder Activated by Carbonation”, Construction and Building Materials, September, 99, 175-183.

  • Wang, Y., Shao, Y., Matovic, M. D. and Whalen, J. K. (2015), “Exploring switchgrass and hardwood combustion on excess air and ash fouling/slagging potential: laboratory combustion test and thermogravimetric kinetic analysis", Energy Conversion and Management, 97, 409-419.

  • Wang, Y., Shao, Y., Matovic, M. D. and Whalen, J. K. (2015), "Optimization of switchgrass combustion for simultaneous production of energy and pozzolan", ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 27(12), 04015040.

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  • Morshed, A., Azar, A. and Shao, Y. (2015) “Characterizing cement carbonation curing using non-contact electrical resistivity measurement”, Advances in Cement Research, 27(4), 214-224.

  • Shao, Y. and Morshed, A. Z., (2015), "Early carbonation for hollow-core concrete slab curing and carbon dioxide recycling", Materials and Structures, 48(1-2), 307-319.


  • Mahoutian, M., and Shao, Y. (2016), “Production of cement-free construction blocks from industry wastes”, Journal of Cleaner Production, 137, 1339-1346.
  • Zhang, D. and Shao, Y. (2016), “Effect of early carbonation curing on chloride penetration and weathering carbonation in concrete”, Construction and Building Materials, 123, 516-526.

  • Wang, Y., Shao, Y., Matovic, M. D. and Whalen, J (2016), Recycling Combustion Ash for Sustainable Cement Production: A Critical Review with Data-Mining and Time-Series Predictive Models, Construction & Building Materials, 123, 673-689.

  • Mahoutian, M. and Shao, Y. (2016) “Low temperature synthesis of cement from ladle slag and fly ash”, Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials, 5(4), 247-258.  

  • Zhang, D. and Shao, Y. (2016), “Early age carbonation curing for precast reinforced concretes”, Construction and Building Materials, 113, 134-143

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  • Mahoutian, M., Ghouleh, Z. and Shao, Y. (2016), “Synthesis of waste-based carbonation cement”, Materials and Structures, 49(11), 4679-4690.

  • Cai, X., He, Z., Shao, Y. and Sun, H. (2016), Macro- and Micro- Characteristics of Cement Mixtures Containing High Volume Fly Ash Based on Electrochemical Accelerated Leaching Test, Construction & Building Materials, 116, 25-35.


  • Zhang, D., Ghouleh, Z. and Shao, Y. (2017) “Review on carbonation curing of cement-based materials”, Journal of CO2 Utilization, 21, 119-131.

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  • Yang, H, He, Z., Shao, Y. and Li, L. (2018), “Improving freeze-thaw resistance and strength gain of roller compacted fly ash concretes with modified absorbent polymer”, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, 30(3), 04018010.

  • Mahoutian, M., Chaallal, O. and Shao, Y. (2018), “Pilot production of steel slag masonry blocks”, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, accepted Jan 16, DOI: 10.1139/cjce-2017-0603



    Areas of interest: 
    • Carbon dioxide utilization in concrete production

    • Carbon dioxide activation of steel slag for structural applications

    • Durability of carbonation-cured cement and concrete products

    • Carbon dioxide sequestration in calcium silicate materials

    • Cement bonded wood products

    • Slag bonded wood products

    • Extrusion process of fibre-cement thin sheets, structural shapes and honeycomb panels

    • Utilization of industry wastes in concrete

    • FRP composite as the stay-in-place formwork for concrete

    • Design and durability of pultruded FRP structural shapes

    Professional activities: 
    • Consultant to Emerald EFW Inc. ON.   
    • Consultant to Arcelor Mittal Dofasco, Hamilton, ON.
    • Consultant to 3H Company, Lexington, KY, USA.
    • Consultant to Canadian Concrete Masonry Producer Association (CCMPA), Toronto.  
    • Consultant to Boehmers Hargest Blocks Ltd, Kitchener, ON.
    • Consultant to Green House Inc. Montreal, QC.  
    • Consultant to Rio Tinto Fer et Titane (RTFT), Sorel-Tracy, QC.  
    • Consultant to St-Lawrence Cement (now Holcim Canada), St-Lawrence, QC.
    • Consultant to Bartolite, Montreal, QC.
    • Consultant to IBP Corp., Edmonton, AB.


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