CIM Research Labs

Labs at the Centre for Intelligent Machines demonstrate the breadth and depth of our groundbreaking research. Each lab features interdisciplinary research that draws on the expertise and knowledge of fellow members. Explore CIM's labs below.


quadcopter drone in sky

Inna Sharf & Meyer Nahon

The McGill Aerospace Mechatronics Laboratory is dedicated to supporting research themes revolving around aeronautical and space systems, more specifically, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Space Robotic systems.

lab equipment

Jozsef Kovecses

Our research group has a strong background and expertise in dynamics, robotics and haptics, solid mechanics,  modelling and analysis, mechatronics and control, computational methods, and algorithms. 

yellow robots explore a blue ocean

Gregory Dudek & David Meger

The key theme of our lab's research is sensor-based robotics, namely the use and understanding of sensor data through computer vision and machine learning, as well as decision-making under uncertainty.

robotic arm

Jorge Angeles

The focus of our research is the design and control of robotic mechanical systems at large as well as their mechanical subsystems, such as drives and sensors.

Systems and Control

Prof Boulet working on electric drivetrain

Benoit Boulet

The Intelligent Automation Lab focuses on research and development of automation and machine learning solutions to enable novel environmentally sustainable systems.

wheelchair equipped with smart technology

Joelle Pineau

The research in the Reasoning and Learning Lab is broadly concerned with the study of probabilistic systems. Current areas of interest include Markov processes, reinforcement learning and computational linguistics.


Graphics & Human-Computer Interaction


person squatting on interactive surface

Jeremy Cooperstock

The goal of Shared Reality is to achieve high-fidelity distributed interaction, with both real and virtual data, at levels of presence that support the most demanding applications, and to do so in spite of sensor and bandwidth limitations.

computer image of truck

Paul Kry

The computer graphics lab at McGill is concerned with problems in physically based animation, skin deformations of articulated characters, motion capture, interaction, and physically based modeling of humans and animals.

two pink snails with shiny and sparkly shells

Derek Nowrouzezahrai

We work on animation and rendering algorithms for video games and VR, physics-based models for visual effects in films, and applied machine learning

Computer Vision

computer generated image with a table and three balls on stairs

Michael Langer

Research topics include applied perception in graphics, human vision and appearance models.

lab equipment

Frank Ferrie

The Artificial Perception Laboratory conducts research activities mainly in topics related to computer vision: data acquisition, image segmentation, view correspondence, model fitting, autonomous exploration of scenes, etc.

McConnell Engineering Building, home of lab

Martin Levine

My research group has emphasized the visual aspects of detecting, describing, identifying and analyzing objects, people, activities and events in both images and videos.

brain scan

Tal Arbel

The focus of our research is on developing probabilistic machine learning and modern deep learning models for medical image analysis.

camera lab equipment

James Clark

Current research interests include Attention Modeling and Tracking, Generation and Analysis of Cinematic Imagery, Spectral Modeling and Colour Vision, and Augmented Reality and Video Surveillance.

hair modeling

Kaleem Siddiqi

Drawing on techniques from singularity theory, partial differential equations, geometric flows and graph theory, our group is broadly concerned with the problem of shape analysis in computational vision and medical imaging.

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