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June 18-20, 2015: Canadian Cytometry and Microscopy Association symposium - Toronto (ON)

CIAN users benefit a 10% discount on registration fees!!

Just type 'CIAN' as discount code when registering online. But be quick: the offer is only valid until May 31, 2015.

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September 30, 2014: Deadline to participate the Olympus BioScapes Digital Imaging Competition!

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August 19, 2014: Two users of the CIAN microscopy facility publish in high profile journals

Fernandes & Schöck's super-resolution image makes the cover page!Congratulations to Isabelle Fernandes from Frieder Schöck's lab (Dept. Biology, McGill University) who published their study on fine structure of fly muscle myofibrils in the latest issue of the Journal of Cell Biology. Using a combination of microscopy technologies available at the CIAN (super-resolution microscopy, laser scanning confocal microscopy and spinning disk confocal microscopy) they unraveled the function of the Lasp protein in Drosophila muscle sarcomere.



Congratulations, too, to Masha Prager-Khoutorsky from Charles Bourque Lab (McGill Centre for Research in Neuroscience) who used the CIAN OMX super-resolution microscope to discover a new microtubule filament 3-D architecture in osmosensory neurons involved in response to dehydration. Their work was published in the latest issue of Neuron.