New Initiatives Fund

The aim of the New Initiative Fund is to create new team projects that address new and strategic areas of basic research within our Centre. The project must be submitted by a group of 2 or more principal investigators. It should be clearly indicated that the new project is not feasible without the expertise of the team and without the support of the FQRNT Centre grant. These grants should drive new research that adds value to existing activities in Quebec. This program is not available every year and funding is for 2 years. A submission date, usually in September, will be forwarded to all members.

Guidelines for applications

The project proposal should be outlined in up to 4 pages of text and contain:

  • Background and Justification;
  • Specific objectives/ Research plan/ Methodology;
  • Technical Feasibility of the project;
  • Likely outcomes and Benefits to the Centre.
  • An additional page should outline the proposed budget.
  1. The projects will be reviewed and approved on advice from our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC).
  2. In addition to quality of the science, the primary evaluation criteria are that the grant must create a new project that did not exist when the Centre was formed. It must involve at least 2 PIs who will jointly drive the research. Cross Institutional grants are encouraged.
  3. The project will be funded for 2 years and the data will be expected to lead to a new external joint grant application by the PIs.
  4. At the end of year 1, each project will submit a short progress report to be reviewed by SAC. Continuation of funding will be subject to satisfactory progress.

Please use the application form.

All applications should be submitted electronically to, the Centre Liaison Officer.

Conditions of Award

  • Recipients of the award will provide a written 1- to 2-page summary of the project within 3 months following the end of the funding period and provide an executive summary paragraph to be included in the Centre's annual report to FQRNT.
  • Support from the Centre should be acknowledged in the byline of any published work flowing from the funded research. This will ensure that the Centre achieves one of its assessment criteria.


New Initiatives Awards Disbursed to Centre Members