Bridging funds for students or postdoctoral fellows

The Centre budget provides support for a limited period to a student approaching the end of their studies who is no longer eligible for funding from other sources, or a PDF whose stipend is expected to expire prior to completion of research goals. This funding can also be used to support a new student at the beginning of his/her study program until the start of a scholarship. Applications for these stipends are open to all doctorate trainee and PDF members of the Centre. Bridging funding is not available to master's students.

Stipend rates:

  • PhD trainees will receive a total of $1,250/month with the Centre providing 50% of this amount (i.e., $625/m). Fundig can be requested for a maximum of 6 months.
  • PFDs will receive a total of $2,500/month with the Centre providing 50% of this amount (i.e., $1,250/m).  Funding can be requested for a maximum of 3 months.
  • The supervisor/home department is expected to provide the remaining 50% of the stipend.
  • Funds cannot be applied toward other Centre funding programs.

Requests for funding from a Centre PI/researcher should be made by filling out the short application form (below), and by providing a summary of the student/PDF performance (publications, supervision, scholarships, conferences attended, etc.) or a current CV.  Applications for funds will be received and reviewed on four specific dates per year (Jan. 1, April 1, July 1, Oct. 1).  The request should be submitted at least one month before funding is needed. Funds will be awarded at the discretion of the Awards Panel (to be formed from the Steering Committee) to a maximum of the yearly budgeted amount ($20,000). This will allow the Centre to fund approximately 13 students/PDFs per year. All documents should be emailed or faxed to christiane.trudeau [at] (Christiane Trudeau).

Conditions of the Award

  1. Only PhD students not in time limitation, and PDFs whose stipend support is expected to expire are eligible. MSc students cannot apply for bridging funds.
  2. Only students registered in Quebec are eligible.
  3. Funding period is for a maximum of 3 months (PDFs) or 6 months (PhDs).
  4. The funding period ends when a student completes the examination process, or prior to this if the student/PDF commences a postdoctoral position or employment prior to this date, or when external funding is received.
  5. Support from the Centre should be acknowledged in the byline of any published work flowing from the student's PhD or PDF work. This will ensure that the Centre achieves one of its assessment criteria.
  6. The PI requesting student support is expected to include brief details of student progress (and any submitted/accepted publications) during the tenure of the Centre stipend in his/her annual report to the Centre.


Application form for bridging funds - Microsoft Office document icon application_form.doc



Bridging Awards Disbursed to Centre Members