Institute of Parasitology, McGill

Contact person Equipment
Serghei Dernovici (514) 398-8721

Becton Dickinson FACS analyzer/sorter
Biorad Radiance Confocal Microscope

Kathy Keller (514)-398-7961

Real Time PCR Cycler

Pyrosequencing Ltd Pyrosequencer

Armando Jardim (514) 398-7727 ITC Thermocalorimeter
Beckman DU640 Spectrophotometer
Phosphoimager system
Biorad 2-Gel Electrophoresis system
ThermoSpectronic French Press
Beckman HPLC system
Biorad Helios Gene Gun
Paula Ribeiro (514) 398-7607 Silicon Graphics Bioinformatics Workstations
Nikon Inverted Fluorescent Microscope
Nikon Epi-fluorescence Stereomicroscope
Molecular Devices FlexStation Scanning Fluorometer and Cell Harvester
Roger Prichard (514) 398-7729 Carson Cell Electrophysiology equipment
Microinjection equipment
Marilyn Scott (514)398-8382 Thermo Shandon Cryostat

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