Microbiology & Immunology, McGill

Contact person Equipment
Brian Ward (514) 934-1934 ext 42810 (automated) ELISA reader
96-well plate harvester & Micobeta (beta counter)
a small volume lyophylizer (can lyophilize up to 200 small vials at one time)
Ciphergen MS with Biomech 2000 (robot)
New Brunswick 5 liter bioreactor (for scale-up production of monoclonal antibody, recomb proteins or viral antigens)
BD FACStar (3 colour - no sorting capacity)
Dr. Martin Olivier(514) 398-5592 2D-gel and automated staining gel (coomassie and silver staining) system.
Cell harvester and counter
RNase protection assay platform (gel apparatus and setting ready to use)
Dr. Ciro Piccirillo(514) 398-2872 AutoMACS from Miltenyi Biotec (an automated, magnetic-bead based cell sorter) .
Dr. Greg Matlashewski (514) 398-3914 Confocal Microsocope,
2 freezers (-80C)
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