The Solution: raison d’être for the Centre.

Future prevention and control of parasitic infections will depend on high quality, interdisciplinary collaborative research by leading scientists who understand the molecular, physiological and ecological interactions between the parasitic organism, the various hosts in its life cycle and the external environment. Quebec is fortunate to have just such a group of parasitologists who form this Centre and who have the necessary know how to advance our knowledge of parasites and their virulence mechanisms. Key elements in the integrated nature of our Centre are our core of expertise spanning molecular biology through ecology, our pre-existing interactions among the members of the Centre, our network of state-of-the-art scientific instruments available, (reinforced by recent significant CFI awards), to support the research and our willingness to work together in cross disciplinary teams. This Centre is thus unique in North America in the breadth and depth of its expertise.

A consistent, long-term investment in Science is needed if Quebec researchers are to discover the solutions for improving the diagnosis and control of parasitic diseases. Informed decisions by Government and industry relating to future public health, agricultural production, food safety and export security can only be based on knowledge arising from research, which in turn is dependent on training of Highly Qualified Persons (HQP) with skills in biotechnology and the life sciences. This Centre will address this key area of HQP graduate training to produce the next generation of scientific leaders trained in multidisciplinary research, applying advanced technology platforms to research and training in the area of parasitic diseases. The Centre’s overall goal is to be innovative, to develop new vaccines or drugs to improve human and animal health in both the developed and developing world, to train HQP in modern research skills and to promote Quebecois science nationally and internationally. This Centre is a coordinated effort by a unique group of creative and internationally recognized experts in parasitic disease research.

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