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Alexander Wahba  Dr. Alexander Wahba is a teacher in the Chemistry department and the staff supervisor for Outreach. He enjoys DNA chemistry and cinema.outreach.chemistry [at] ( Email him) if you're interested in joining Outreach! 

Chris Corkery

He now makes technology for the ISS and occasionally lectures at McGill. He enjoys talking to people, science, and demos that involve lasers.

Danielle Vlaho

Danielle Vlaho completed her PhD in Nucleic Acid Chemistry at McGill in 2017. Since then, she has worked in the Department of Chemistry, where she spends most of her time as the laboratory instructor for McGill’s undergraduate Organic Chemistry courses. Danielle loves chemistry in all its forms – but especially when it comes to cooking and baking!

Maureen McKeague

Maureen McKeague is an Assistant Professor in the departments of Chemistry and Pharmacology at McGill. Her lab group is figuring out how chemistry and yeast can help cancer treatment. Maureen loves chemistry outreach because chemistry is part of our everyday life, no matter how you look at it. Her favourite experiment will always be making slime because it works, it's colourful, and anyone can do it!

Serge Hirka

Serge Hirka is a PhD student working on the modified nucleic acids in the McKeague lab. He has been doing chemistry demos in front of various audiences ever since the age of twelve when parents gave him his first chemistry kit as a birthday present. He also loves learning languages and can spend hours talking about that one word's etymology...

Anne Labarre

Anne Labarre is a Master's student in medicinal chemistry. Her favourite demo is the elephant toothpaste, from which she always saves a bit for her elephant at home (but don't tell anyone). Apart from this, she enjoys swimming and reading.

Christophe Lachance

Christophe Lachance-Brais has been in love with chemistry since he learned atoms are like small Legos. Now he tries to share his passion, no matter how many explosions it takes! He spends his days advancing his Master’s, but he also skies, climbs and beer-pongs.

Ada McVean Ada McVean recently started her Masters doing nucleotide chemistry in the Damha lab, after doing her undergrad at McGill in chemistry and gender studies. She works for the McGill Office for Science and Society busting pseudoscience at every opportunity. She enjoys organic chemistry, lab work, science communication and any experiments that involve fire.
Siba Moussa Siba Moussa is a PhD student at McGill's Chemistry Department. She is interested in all things related to electrochemical sensing, enzymes and nanotechnology. When Siba is not in the lab, you’ll find her wandering outdoors or reading a book or two. One of Siba’s favourite things is to show others how cool chemistry is through outreach!
Siting Ni

Siting Ni is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Chemistry studying material chemistry. She loves creating something colourful in the lab, listening to classical music, and putting some paints on canvas.

Jorge Ramos Jorge Ramos is currently in his PhD trying to understand how molecules work. Directly imported from Mexico he enjoys talking and teaching science to any people who is (or not) willing to hear him. In love with the idea of scientific society where the reason drives the world.
Kevin Zhang Kevin Zhang is a PhD student interested in all things related to fluorescence. When not in the lab, he can be found semi-homeless in another country, making carnitas tacos, or double-faulting at your local tennis court.


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