M.A (Tony) Whitehead

Professor Emeritus

B.Sc. (University of London, Queen Mary College, 1956)
Ph.D. (University of London, Queen Mary College, 1960)
D.Sc. (University of London, 1974)
Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Cincinatti, 1960-61)
F.R.S.C. (UK) C. Chem.
Fulbright Fellowship, 1960-1962
Visiting Erskine Fellowship University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
Director, Honorary Life President. McGill-Montreal Chapter of Sigma Xi
Director, Canadian and International Constituency Group,
Sigma Xi, (2002-2006): Nominating Committee, Sigma Xi, (2007-2010)
Chair, Montreal School of Theology (2006-2009)
Member, Planned Giving Committee, Anglican Diocese of Montreal (2005-2008)
Member, Stewardship of the Environment, Anglican Diocese of Montreal (2008-2011)
Parish Council, St.John the Evangelist, Montreal (2004-)
Director, Canadian Christian and Scientific Association (1998-)
Advisor, Fundamental and Applied Pulp and Paper Modelling Symposium Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Wednesaday 24th. - Friday, 26th. August, 2011.
Visiting Professor at CERMM, Concordia University,(2005 continuing).

Office: Pulp & Paper 112
Phone: (514)398-6239
Email: tony.whitehead [at] mcgill.ca
Web Page: https://sites.google.com/site/mawhiteheadgroup

Lab: 418
Lab Phone: (514)398-7382

Research Themes:

Physics  Materials

Research Description:

Now that the experimentalists in nanotechnology and self-assembled systems are moving single atoms to form molecules, theory becomes even more fascinating. Can it compete? Can it predict?