Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

Check out general updates on the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation from

Teaching: Fall 2020 courses will proceed remotely!

  • Courses will be delivered via Zoom, myCourses, take-home kits, and other demonstrated interactive platforms
  • Course delivery will implement modern, evidence-based teaching techniques and technologies
  • This is a chance for students to shape their own education, and shape the future of science education at McGill

What will hands-on learning look like at McGill this fall?
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Fall 2020 Teaching in the department of Chemistry

Due to the exceptional circumstances, the following courses will be offered this fall. You will find below specific information about how they will be delivered.

CHEM 267 Trailer

Published: 19Jun2020

Interested in what’s happening in the Chemistry Department for Fall 2020? Check out this trailer for CHEM 267, which gives a hint of things to come!  

Dept. of Chemistry Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and information from the department of Chemistry Updates from the Faculty of Science may be accessed here, and from the university there.

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