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Congratulations to Karine Auclair and Gonzalo Cosa on their appointment as full professors

Published: 3May2016

On May 2 Prof. Karine Auclair and Gonzalo Cosa were promoted to the rank of full professors. Congratulations to both of them. This piece of news was covered by the McGill Reporter.

What's it like getting a chemistry PhD?

Published: 17Mar2016

In a recent article in the McGill Tribune, PhD candidates from the Mittermaier and Cosa groups share their thoughts on study, research life and more. Read the article 

Gonzalo Cosa

Professor B.Sc. (Univ. Nacional de Río Cuarto, Argentina, 1996) Ph.D. (University of Ottawa, 2002) Postdoctoral Fellow (University of Texas at Austin, 2002-2004)

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