Academic Advising and Contacts

Academic Advising is essential to student success. Chemical Engineering advisors are available to answer questions and assist students as needed. The Chemical Engineering Student Handbook is a useful resource that provides a very detailed explanation of the program and its requirements.

Program Advising:

If a student needs support on questions related to planning courses, course selection or permit overrides, the first step is to contact the Undergraduate Coordinator for Chemical Engineering at ugrad.chemeng [at]

Questions will be answered via email within approximately 24-48 hours (excluding vacation periods when the delays may be longer).  Throughout the academic year, the Undergraduate Coordinator is normally available for appointments, either in person or remotely, via MS Bookings. The links to those calendars are below:

CHEE Remote Advising (MS Teams

CHEE In-Person Advising (WONG 3A)

Below you will find a list of the Undergraduate Committee Members that are responsible for student advising matters.


Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC)

The committee is composed of four students elected by their classes (U1, U2, U3 and U4), the president of the Council, the VP Academic and four staff members. The committee provides a forum for all matters involving undergraduate student/staff interactions.


  • Professor Sasha Omanovic (Associate Chair -Undergraduate Program and Chair of UCC, General Advising)
  • Professor Christopher Moraes (UCC)
  • Professor Pierre-Luc Girard-Lauriault (UCC, Exchanges & Course Equivalencies)
  • Professor Corinne Hoesli (UCC, Degree Audits)
  • Corina Sferdenschi (Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator, WONG 3A)


Degree Planning

We encourage you to meet with the Undergraduate Coordinator at the beginning of each semester to plan out your degree and ask any questions you may have about courses or the program in general. Degree Evaluations can be conducted via email. The Undergraduate Coordinator will review the degree evaluation requests and return them to the student by email. At the end of the Chemical Engineering Student Handbook, you will find a list of approved Group C technical complementary (TC) courses. If you want to take a Group C TC not on that list, please email ugrad.chemeng [at]


Exchanges and Study Away

For matters relating to the exchange process, study away and course transfers, please read the Engineering exchange and study away website that provides a detailed explanation on the steps and processes involved.



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