Dr. Robert Savage, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, spoke to CBC's Sonali Karnick over the weekend regarding children's literacy.

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Published on: 6 Sep 2016

Dr. Victoria Talwar, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, was recently asked "why kids lie, and what to do about it" by Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore. The interview was published this week by's Parenting division, where they offer Expert Tips and Advice.

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Published on: 18 Nov 2015

USA Today: Each family dinner adds up to benefits for adolescents

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The Telegraph: Family meals have calming effect on troubled teenagers

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Published on: 25 Mar 2013

From the lab of CIFAR Fellow Michael Meaney (McGill University): Scientists have provided evidence that socioeconomic status affects family function and the development and function of brain regions that are critical for attention, learning and memory. Meaney's lab looks into how parenting produces lasting effects on cognitive and emotional development. His lab examined development in rats and found parental influences on the chemical, or 'epigenetic', signals that control the activity in the brain of genes that influence the connections between brain cells as well as learning and memory.

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Published on: 11 Oct 2012