“Bad news for anyone who still believes in freedom from work at 55. The number of women of this age and older who reported having jobs rose by 14,000 from June and by 66,000 from a year earlier. The number of working men aged 55 and older increased by 69,000 from 2016.” (Maclean’s)

Fabian Lange, Associate Professor of Economics, McGill University

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Published on: 9 Aug 2017

When it comes to gambling and lotteries, young people are looking for "immediate gratification", Professor Jeffrey Derevensky, Chair of the Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, told the Canadian Press this week.

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Published on: 12 Jul 2016

McGill once again ranked first in the “medical-doctoral” category in student awards; budget spent on scholarships and bursaries; and social-sciences and humanities grants, relative to faculty size. 

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Published on: 28 Oct 2015

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Published on: 12 Nov 2014

For the 8th consecutive year, McGill University is ranked first in the medical-doctoral category in Maclean’s magazine’s annual issue devoted to Canadian universities.

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Published on: 1 Nov 2012