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Experts: US 2016 Presidential Elections

These McGill University experts are available to comment on the race for the White House: Jacob Levy, Dept. of Political Science, McGill University Jacob Levy is one of the world’s leading libertarian political theorists. jacob [dot] levy [at] mcgill [dot] ca (English)

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Published on : 07 Nov 2016

2016 US Presidential Race

"On Monday, Iowa will kick off the 2016 race for the White House, a contest in which two fiery, fringe candidates from the left and right have hijacked the national imagination and undercut the political establishment." (Source: The Globe and Mail)

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Published on : 01 Feb 2016

McGill Experts: 2012 U.S. Presidential Race

With the U.S. Presidential Election Day on November 6, Americans must decide whether to re-elect President Barack Obama for a second term or vote for Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

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Published on : 01 Oct 2012