The World Health Organization (WHO) plans to classify video game addiction as a disease, according to a June redefinition of their International Classification of Diseases (ICD). In the wake of this decision, various experts in education, law and psychology have been consulted for their opinions.

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Published on: 6 Apr 2018

Journal de Metro Feature:

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Published on: 23 Jan 2017

By Cynthia Lee, McGill Newsroom

It’s not unusual for siblings to seem more dissimilar than similar: one becoming a florist, for example, another becoming a flutist, and another becoming a physicist.

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Published on: 11 Feb 2016

A new network that is bringing together expertise from universities, government and industry is implementing a new vision for training the next generation of medical physicists. Ultrasounds, X-rays, MRIs and nuclear medicine are only a few examples of the essential contributions of medical physicists. The field of medical physics applies the principles of physics to medicine, from diagnosis to treatment, and seeks to quickly transform scientific discovery into clinical applications. Medical physicists are also clinical health care professionals providing service in fields such as radiation therapy, medical imaging, nuclear medicine or radiation protection, to name a few.

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Published on: 12 Aug 2013

McGill researchers have identified a small region in the genome that conclusively plays a role in the development of psychiatric disease and obesity. The key lies in the genomic deletion of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, or BDNF, a nervous system growth factor that plays a critical role in brain development.

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Published on: 10 Oct 2012