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Human Resource Approaches to Retirement: Gatekeeping, Improvising, Orchestrating, and Partnering

Authors: Lee, M. D., Zikic, J., Noh, S.-C., Sargent, L. Publication: Human Resource Management Abstract:

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Published on : 05 Feb 2016

Line Managers' Rationales for Professionals' Reduced-Load Work in Embracing and Ambivalent Organizations

Author: Kossek, E.E., Ollier-Malaterre, A., Lee, M. D., Pichler, S., Hall, D.T. Publication: Abstract: Human Resource Management

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Published on : 28 Jan 2016

Managers’ work and retirement: understanding the connections

Authors: Martin, B. and Lee, M. D. Publication: Work, employment and society Abstract:

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Published on : 23 Jul 2015

Contemplating Workplace Change: Evolving Individual Thought Processes and Emergent Story Lines

Authors: Klag, M., Jansen, K. J and Lee, M. D. Publication: The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science Abstract:

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Published on : 15 May 2015

Going Off Script: How Managers Make Sense of the Ending of Their Careers

Authors: Vough, H. C., Bataille, C. D., Noh, S. C., Lee, M. D. Publication: Journal Of Management Studies Abstract

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Published on : 15 May 2015

"Pursuing Career Success while Sustaining Personal and Family Well-Being: A Study of Reduced-Load Professionals over Time," Journal of Social Issues

Authors: Hall, Douglas T. Hall; Lee, Mary Dean; Kossek, Ellen Ernst; Heras, Mireia Las Publication: Journal of Social Issues, December 2012 Abstract:

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Published on : 21 Nov 2013

Success Is What You Make It

What is success and how do you measure it? The experiences of a diversegroup of workers show how – and how much – they managed to balance career success with family responsibilities. Those who managed to strike the balance defined success on their own terms, had a strong sense of self and wereprepared to make trade-offs.

Published on : 20 Nov 2013

"Reinventing Retirement: New Pathways, New Arrangements, New Meanings," Human Relations

Authors: Sargent, Leisa; Lee, Mary Dean; Martin, Bill; Zikic, Jelena Publication: Human Relations, January 2013 Abstract:

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Published on : 16 May 2013