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Faculty events

Let's Talk Science, Dr. Geary

24 Feb 201612:00

Dr. Tim Geary will be speaking about 'how parasite miRNAs may influence the host response'.

String Area Concert

24 Feb 201618:00

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, External, Students

PCard Approval on MOPS - Deadline for January Transactions

26 Feb 2016

The deadline to approve transactions on MOPS, with a transaction processing date of January 2016, is February 26th.

Classified as : Staff, Faculty, MOPS, PCard

Submissions to Finance Accounts Receivable - February Month End Deadline

29 Feb 2016

The deadline for submissions to Finance Accounts Receivable for fiscal period 10 (transactions dated February 1st - 28th) is February 29th.

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