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Social value and content value in social media: Two paths to psychological well-being

Authors: Jiao, Y., Jo, M.S., Sarigollu, E. Publication: Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce  Abstract: 

Category :
Published on : 10 Feb 2017

Exploring pro-environmental behaviors of consumers: An analysis of contextual factors, attitude, and behaviors

Authors: Ertza, M., Karakasb, F., Sarigöllü, E.  Publication: Journal of Business Research Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 24 Oct 2016

Exploring the Diversity of Virtues Through the Lens of Moral Imagination: A Qualitative Inquiry into Organizational Virtues in the Turkish Context

Authors: Karakas, F., Sarigollu, E., Uygur, S. Publication: Journal of Business Ethics  Abstract: 

Category :
Published on : 11 May 2016

Management learning at the speed of life: Designing reflective, creative, and collaborative spaces for millenials

Authors: Karakas, F., Manisaligil, A., Sarigollu, E. Publication: International Journal of Management Education Abstract:

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Published on : 27 Jul 2015

"The Use of Benevolent Leadership Development to Advance Principles of Responsible Management Education," Journal of Management Development

Authors: Karakas, Fahri; Sarigöllü, Emine; Manisaligil, Alperen Publication: Journal of Management Development, 2013 Abstract:

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Published on : 12 Sep 2013

"The Role of Leadership in Creating Virtuous and Compassionate Organizations: Narratives of Benevolent Leadership in an Anatolian Tiger," Journal of Business Ethics

Authors: Karakas, Fahri; Sarigöllü, Emine Publication: Journal of Business Ethics, 2013 Abstract:

Category :
Published on : 18 Apr 2013