Emeritus Professor

Richard Lynn Studham, professor emeritus in our Department of Integrated Studies in Education, spoke to North East United Kingdom's Chronicle reporter David Whetstone this week regarding his ongoing exhibition A Paragon of Chivalry.

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Published on: 27 Aug 2015

In this week’s  Spotlight, we would like to highlight Dr. Simon Young who will be setting his sights on a well-deserved retirement as Emeritus Professor after 42 years with the McGill Department of Psychiatry.

Dr. Young began his productive McGill career in 1971 as a Post-Doctoral Fellow.  He was appointed an Assistant Professor in 1975 and Full Professor in 1987. He has made exceptional contributions to research, teaching and administration, authoring approximately 230 referred papers and over 50 editorials and comments.

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Published on: 9 Dec 2013